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It's been a while since I left the club. After the busy schedule has ended, I have something to say.


It's incredible to think about it. It's been 15 years since I first stepped into Chadwell Heath's trial in the evening. Getting such an opportunity is a dream come true for a West Ham United fan. The heartbeat of sitting in his father's car and driving into the door is still fresh in my memory.

想起来真是不可思议。自从我晚上晚上首次进入Chadwell Heath的审判已经15年了。对于西汉姆联球迷来说,获得这样的机会是梦想成真。坐在父亲的车里,开车进门的心跳仍然让亚博游戏软件我记忆犹新。

When I went there, it was obvious that some small players had already been signed by the team, and I was on another team that participated in the trial training. We need to prove that we have the ability to be signed. At the time, Luis Page (now in 亚博游戏软件Exeter) and I were teammates, and Ben Marlow was on the opposite team that was already signed. From day one, the three of us have become good friends.

当我去那里时,很明显,已经有一些小球员被球队签下名,而我所在的另一支球队参加了试训。我们需要证明我们具有签名的能力。当时,路易斯·佩奇(现在在埃克塞特(Exeter))和我是队友,本·马洛(Ben Marlow)在已经签约的另一支球队中。从第一天开始,我们三个就成为好朋友。

Jimmy, the official in charge of youth development, and Paul, then a college faculty member, had a great influence on me. One day Jimmy pulled me aside and told my father that I got a schoolboy contract and I officially became a schoolboy. Trial players. I went from wearing my own jersey to wearing the West Ham United jersey and becoming a true member of the club. That kind of wonderful feeling, let alone how proud I am.


The first person I want to thank is my parents. In order to take me to and from school, they need to travel to and from the A127 every day-three nights a week, as well as one day training on Saturday and a game on Sunday. They made a lot of sacrifices for me. Looking back now, everything was so beautiful. Chad Willis is the homeland where I grew up and grew up as a player, no matter the past or the present. From the first day I have thought that every training session is very important, because it is an opportunity to strengthen me and prove myself.

我要感谢的第一个人是我的父母。为了让我上下学,他们需要每天往返A127,每周三晚,以及周六的一日培训和周日的比赛。他们为我做出了很多牺牲。现在回首,一切都那么美好。查德·威利斯(Chad Willis)是我成长的故乡,无论过去与现在,我都是一名球员。从第一天起,我就认为每次培训都很重要,因为这是增强我自我和证明自己的机会。

Basically, this is my own way. Every time I put on my sneakers, I want to train as hard as possible and make progress every day to become a better player and a better person. Attitude is the most important thing, this is also throughout the West Ham United academy. If you can do your best, respect your coach and teammates, and respect yourself, you have a great opportunity to start your football career.


I have met many excellent coaches along the way, too many for me to enumerate. They are by my side every day, urging us to make progress. When I was nine to ten years old, Mark Phillips was on the team. As I grew up, he also became an assistant coach for my youth team. Nick Haycock is also a good guy, he has taken care of all the little players in the academy. And Steve Potts. He has played for West Ham over 500 times and is a role model for all of us... As a young player who wants to play professionally, I can't ask for more.

在此过程中,我遇到了许多优秀的教练,太多了,我无法一一列举。他们每天都在我身边,敦促我们取得进步。当我9到10岁时,马克·菲利普斯(Mark Phillips)就加入了团队。随着我的成长,他也成为了我青年队的助理教练。尼克·海考克(Nick Haycock)也是个好亚博游戏软件人,他照顾了学院里所有的小球员。和史蒂夫·波特。他已经为西汉姆联(West Ham)效力了500多次,是我们所有人的榜样。作为一个年轻的球员,他想专业地比赛,所以我不能要求更多。

In addition, Tony Carr, Terry Westley, and even M. Manning helped me overcome the barriers between the academy and the senior team, including my first loan afterwards The experience of playing in Bradford. I know that I can't remember all the people who should be mentioned here, but I will always thank all the coaches who helped me during my time.

此外,托尼·卡尔(Tony Carr),特里·韦斯特利(Terry Westley)甚至曼·曼宁(M. Manning)都帮助我克服了学院与高层团队之间的障碍,包括我之后的首笔贷款。我知道我不记得所有应该在这里提到的人,但是我将永远感谢所有在我那段时间为我提供帮助的教练。

In addition, I would like to mention one person in particular, who has consistently exerted his influence during my 15-year career at West Ham United. In 2005, when I was only 9 years old, I embarked on my West Ham United road. At that time, Mark Noble was 17 years old and he had already entered the first team. Since the beginning, he has been a beacon of the road ahead. In the first few years, I was a caddie in Upton Park. I always watched Noble play and thought that one day I could become a player like him. I will observe everything on and off the court and try to keep up with him.

此外,我还要特别提到一个人,他在我在西汉姆联队的15年职业生涯中一直发挥着自己的影响力。 2005年,当我9岁的时候,我踏上了西汉姆联的道路。当时,马克·诺布尔(Mark Noble)才17岁,他已经进入一线队。从一开始,他就是前进之路的灯塔。在最初的几年里,我在厄普顿公园当球童。我一直看Noble的比赛,并以为有一天我可以成为像他这样的球员。我会观察场内外的一切,并努力跟上他。

Last Monday, I texted him when I knew I was about to leave. I thanked him for everything he had done for me, and told me how to watch him play from the sidelines of a caddie, and then share it later A dressing room, being a teammate, playing on the same field, it’s a bit surreal. He replied, I cry for you!


Noble has always been a role model, even in daily life, he will always be by your side whenever there is a need. Now I am about to turn to another page, but I know that I can still get through his phone whenever I need it. This is not just for me, all young players who graduated from the students are the same.


Looking back on the past, I will be proud of my experience in the youth team. Many times I actually encountered some difficulties. For example, due to physical development, my physique has never been too strong, and if some players of my age are tall enough, they will have the opportunity to compete across age groups. These impressed me very deeply. They were faster and stronger than me, and I never had the opportunity to compete in an age group one or two years older than myself. As a young player, sometimes I may have some thoughts about this, but I always have firm confidence, which is inseparable from the attention of many people around me. When I got a scholarship at the age of 16 and moved to the college residence in Romford, it played a key role in my development.


The players living there have different family backgrounds, but this does not hinder our close relationship. Kieran Bywater, Kieran Sadlier, Sean Maguire, Jamie Harney, Leo Chambers, Jordan Brown, Matthias Fanimo, Rob Hall and Pelly Ruddock, I know I missed some names. It was a very good time and we established a lasting friendship. And I have to mention Bob, Val, and later Caroline and Jack, they took good care of us.

居住在那里的玩家具有不同的家庭背景,但这并不妨碍我们的亲密关系。基兰·拜特沃特(Kieran Bywater),基兰·萨德利尔(Kieran Sadlier),肖恩·马奎尔(Sean Maguire),杰米·哈尼(Jamie Harney),里奥·钱伯斯(Leo Chambers),乔丹·布朗,马蒂亚斯·法尼莫(Matthias Fanimo),罗布·霍尔(Rob Hall)和佩利·鲁多克(Pelly Ruddock),我知道我错过了一些名字。那是非常好的时光,我们建立了持久的友谊。我不得不提到鲍勃,瓦尔,后来的卡罗琳和杰克,他们对我们很好。

Then there are Tony Falcao and the late Dennis Lepin (pictured below), they are minibus drivers who pick us up for training every morning. Whether you are at Chad Willis, Rush Green, or any other base, I can call them at any time during the day or night, and they will say "come here" and send you home. They are so kind and conscientious.

然后是托尼·法尔考(Tony Falcao)和已故的丹尼斯·勒平(Dennis Lepin)(如下图所示),他们是小巴司机,每天早上带我们去训练。无论您是在Chad Willis,Rush Green还是任何其他基地,我都可以在白天或晚上随时打电话给他们,他们会说“过来”并将您送回家。他们是如此善良和尽责。

On the other hand, I was still a lucky cub. When I passed the youth team and joined U23, I was welcomed by many outstanding players, which gave me a strong sense of belonging. At that time, in addition to Captain Nolan, there were people like Noble, Collison, Tomkins, Carlton Cole, Andy Carroll, Jarvis, Downing and Joe Cole. Now think about it, I'm so lucky.


In the summer of 2015, ten years after I entered the club for the first time, my efforts ushered in the moment when my dream came true, and I finally got the opportunity to play for the first team. At that time, Bilic had just taken over the whip from Alledes, and in the first week of July, we ushered in the Europa League qualifier against Andorra's Lusitanos, and I was selected as a substitute. Substitute Joey O'Brien in the second half. This is a special moment I will never forget. In front of the 35,000 fans in Upton Park, my name was announced on the spot, and I ran into the arena. At that time, I got goose bumps all over my body.

在我第一次进入俱乐部十年后的2015年夏天,我的努力迎来了梦想成真的那一刻,我终于有机会为一线队效力。那时,比利奇(Bilic)刚从Alledes手中接过鞭子,在7月的第一周,我们迎来了欧洲联赛预选赛,对阵安道尔(Andorra)的Lusitanos,我被选为替补。下半场替换乔伊·奥布赖恩。这是我永远不会忘记的特殊时刻。在厄普顿公园(Upton Park)的35,000名球迷面前,我的名字当场宣布,我冲进了竞技场。那时,我全身都起了鸡皮.。

I remember thinking at the time, "No one wants to take these from me now!" No matter what happens in the future, I have realized my dream of playing for the team I support. At that time, my parents, brothers, and girlfriends were all on the scene, and seeing them proud after the game, let alone how happy I was. These moments are like slow motion in my head, I never want to forget. A few months later, my next dream came true. I played in the Premier League and it was another memorable match. West Ham United defeated Liverpool at Anfield for the first time in 52 years. I played 3-0 in the team. It was a special feeling to hear the fans cheering when I was in the lead.


The five years after that seemed like a roller coaster ride for me, sometimes pleasantly surprised and sometimes frustrating. But all in all, I made my best effort and there is nothing to regret. Playing for Bradford, Bolton, and Charlton on loan. These are rich experiences. I have to thank West Ham United because they know the best option for me. Through these games, I can improve and prove myself. Make sure Have enough experience in the future career. And without these loan experience, I might not get the opportunity to play for the national team, and I might not have the opportunity to play for Anderlecht, a big club with a deep history, and they are full of desire for the future. It is the same as West Ham United.


I have gone through the promotion play-off finals at Wembley twice as a player of different teams, one win and one loss, which is very helpful to the career of professional players. Of course, I hope to have the opportunity to give West Ham United first team to participate in more games, but to be honest, if there is a chance, I am not willing to change anything. It is these experiences that made me who I am now, and I know that I have done my best.


Without the support of my relatives and friends, I can’t do this. I want to thank my girlfriend Lauren, my family and friends, whether they are in West Ham United or on loan, they are always by my side, allowing me to focus on my career. , To show the best performance on the court.

没有亲戚朋友的支持,我无法做到这一点。我要感谢我的女友劳伦,我的家人和朋友,无论是在西汉姆联还是借来的,他们始终在我身边,让我专注于自己的职业。 ,以在球场上表现出最佳表现。

It is not accurate to say that my journey to West Ham United has ended. Because my heart will always be with the club. I will come back to visit my friends whenever I have a chance, and I will definitely come back to watch the football as much as possible! I have no complaints about West Ham, I just want to thank the people who have helped me so much in the past 15 years.

不能说我到西汉姆联的旅程已经结束了。因为我的心永远与俱乐部在一起。只要有机会,我都会回去拜访我的朋友,我一定会尽可能地回来看足球!我对西汉姆(West Ham)没有任何抱怨,我只想感谢过去15年中为我提供了如此多帮助的人们。

Finally, I would also like to thank the fans, you have been so kind to me during my time, even during the rental period, you often get encouragement from the fans, which means a lot to me. Whenever I put on the team jersey, I feel that I am fighting for the fans. I hope they can see my 100% effort.


In the past week, I received a lot of love messages. Thank you for your support over the years. I hope West Ham United will have more success and honor in the future, because the fans deserve it all.


Once a Hammer, always a Hammer.


Josh Cullen

乔什·库伦(Josh Cullen)

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