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In Chinese football, players' illegal incidents have occurred recently. In the past, Zhang Xiuwei and Zhang Lu drank and drove, but now they have Yu Hanchao's altered license plate and were expelled from Evergrande. I don't know if this is just a coincidence, or the football circle is not enough to educate the players.


Ordinary people also make this type of mistake, and the proportion is not smaller than that of public figures. However, the attention received by public figures has a greater impact on society. When they are not fully aware of their influence as public figures, they need to be fully reminded and warned by their work units.


Evergrande has not really implemented the team rules that contain the words "expulsion". Perhaps, this also gave the players a certain degree of fluke, and did not regard this rule as an iron law. Regardless of whether Evergrande did so under the pressure of public opinion this time, the "Three Nine Team Regulations" will receive more attention from now on. Of course, its rationality will also trigger further discussions.


In addition, criticism of Han Chao himself should also be controlled to a reasonable level. Abandoning the identity of the player, he is just like you and me, all ordinary citizens. Breaking the law should be punished, but he should also have a chance to start again.


Speaking of the word fluke, Yu Hanchao himself had a fluke mentality first in the law, and even openly altered the number plate on the road, thinking that he would not be discovered. Chinese players need to be further educated in social responsibility and legal awareness to prevent problems before they happen, instead of using real examples every time something happens.


However, after Han Chao took the initiative to be investigated, detained, and Hengda expelled him, there are two main comments on this incident: one is that Yu Hanchao has already been punished; the other is that Evergrande treats him. The punishment was too heavy. No one thinks that the punishment for him is not enough.


Yu Hanchao has paid the due, full, and even excessive price for his behavior.


The image of Chinese football is not good on the Internet. This incident will cause further damage to the public opinion image of Chinese football. Good things do not go out, bad things spread thousands of miles away, various foreign media have also reported on the Yu Hanchao incident, but when he was fighting for the country and attacking the city, his name was rarely known in foreign media.


We know that Yu Hanchao has participated in the activities of sending exams with love and is a very emotional person. He was unwilling to take the initiative to leave when the Dalian team was in difficulties. It was to help the club tide over the difficulties and he obeyed the leadership arrangements. Will Hengda, leave a transfer fee. Even with injuries, in order to help the national team compete in the Asian Cup, he insisted on taking the injuries to participate in training camps, which indirectly led to a major operation and long-term recuperation.


On weekdays, Yu Hanchao is low-key, he doesn't like to be pushy, and he has no "black spots". From the public's perception of him, he is by no means a "bad guy", and he is a very good player on the football field. This time, I made a mistake and violated the law, which is deeply regrettable. But while Yu Hanchao himself was punished, he should not bear too much public opinion attacks and sarcasm. Considering that he has realized the mistake, further criticism and attacks on him are unnecessary.


The expulsion of Evergrande from the Han Super League this time may not have much impact on the competition, because they have many naturalized players into the team, and young people are gradually taking over. But it is undeniable that the incident will definitely have a psychological impact on other players. The brothers who stayed with them day and night and won the honor together left the club in this way, which will make the teammates feel sorry and sad.


Although Evergrande’s players are inconvenient to express their personal opinions after the club has spoken out, the statements of Li Shuai, Yang Xu, Zhu Ting and other players all hope that everyone will not be let down. Zhu Ting even pointed out that there is a need for better ways to help Han Chao progress.


To punish a person who made a mistake, the most important meaning is to punish the past, not to destroy him. Sometimes, some people who attacked Hanchao by public opinion did not start from "supervision", but with the mentality of watching the excitement, they satirized the Evergrande club, Yu Hanchao himself, and even Chinese football. Their starting point must not be "punishing the past and the last." If this happened to someone they were close to and interested in, their judgment criteria would change.


This is similar to an international event: when the United States accuses China of this and that is wrong, most Chinese netizens will be very angry. The reason is not that the Chinese are unwilling to face up to their own problems, but that everyone knows well: The United States is not sincerely trying to provoke China for China's good, let alone hope that China will make progress. They have their own goals and consider for their own interests. They are not the white lotus for maintaining fairness and justice in the world.


Public opinion often destroys a person. Putting Yu Hanchao on the label of "Unforgivable" is not helpful in all aspects. The treatment is to save people, not to destroy people. In this matter, Yu Hanchao is indeed not a good role model, and our starting point must be to help him become that good role model, not to set him on 10,000 feet so that he will never stand up.


I know a middle-aged white-collar worker who often drinks out with friends after get off work. Although he is not drunk, he always drives by himself every time he drinks and returns to his home not far away. His reason is that he is not drunk and so sober; the other is that his home is so close that he can't find anyone who is drunk driving in such a short distance.


In addition, we have also seen in various chat groups. People often say: "At a certain intersection, what time, the traffic police checks for drunk driving, friends, pay attention!" The implication is twofold: First: there are often people driving under the influence, everyone Get u亚博游戏软件sed to it early; second, if no one checks it, they can safely drive under the influence.


I believe that this situation will be frequently encountered by everyone. The reason these people didn't take it seriously was because nothing happened yet. Perhaps your friend often drunk and drives, and you think he is usually a good person. Therefore, Yu Hanchao's experience is a warning to each of us. In addition to criticizing public figures, we apply the same standards to ourselves and those around us.


All in all, the punishment for Han Chao is enough. It is believed that after this incident, Yu Hanchao can realize his mistakes and reform. Fouls on the football field will be punished by red and yellow cards and suspension, but after the penalty is executed, the player can stand on the field again; and after breaking the law and accepting the sanctions, Yu Hanchao should also continue to play him. A valuable opportunity to re-contribute to Chinese football.


I hope that Yu Hanchao can make a comeback in his future football career and give full play to his positive energy.


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